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The work we did together, promoting strength in our communities.

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A film project highlighting the contributions of migration and immigration in Hong Kong and Canadian societies. Featuring Stanley Kwok, Clement So, Chack Fan Lee, and many more. 


(To be featured at Museum of Vancouver)


It's more than just point and shoot. Planning together to ensure that the right stories are told and that the right voices are heard. 

| Assisstant Producer & Production Manager |


Directed by Alejandro Yoshizawa in partner with Canada Japan Council of British Columbia. Sara Tanaka is a young, ambitious businesswoman who works for a large downtown firm. However, for years her father, Jiro, has wanted Sara to take over the family business, a small fishing company he founded decades earlier. When Jiro suddenly tells Sara he is retiring, she must make a decision on what is most important personally and professionally.

| Camera Work |

Documenting our relationships with heritage spaces, in preservation & revitalization.  A glimpse inside The Heritage of Chinese Migration.

Donated to the department of Asian Canadian Asian Migration (ACAM) at UBC. 

Footage taken in Hong Kong, Kaiping - on the ancestral land of the Der Clan. 

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